Early childhood education is the most vital years of a child’s learning. Toddlers Ink Childcare has aimed to provide the best quality learning experiences for children between ages 0-5 years. Our childcare Ashbury have educators who are committed to ensuring they provide the best care and education for these children.

What we offer at Toddlers Ink Childcare: 

  • Our program is created to benefit each child. We ensure that we focus on all learning outcomes and developmental goals by focusing on each individual child. The educators at childcare Ashbury work with the parents along the way to make sure they work together to achieve these goals for their children.
  • The location of our service is safe and convenient for all parents while going to work or returning home as we have a safe an spacious carpark around the back so you will not need to worry about your children entering through the front.
  • Our outdoor space for the children to play has been created in a way that it gives them a lovely, balanced feeling of nature. This space is suitable for all age groups. The educators set up our outdoor area to cater for different ages and we ensure the educators are supervising the children at all times.
  • At Toddlers Ink, we provide local excursions for the children and encourage parents to come along with us. This is to increase the social development and also connect with our community.
  • Our menu is designed to meet all dietary requirements for all children and provide a nutritional meals. All the meals we provide in this childcare centre Ashbury in  meet all nutritional and healthy eating standards. Our menu rotates and is changed every season.
  • The children at our childcare centre in Ashbury are exposed to a variety of curriculum activities to extend on their knowledge in certain areas. Such as: Science, technology, numeracy, literacy, art, music and movement and more! This exposure allows them to extend on their interests and develop in a way that fits their way in interest in learning/development.
  • We have highly experienced educators who are able to program, plan and implement activities for all children.

Therefore, you will ensure that your children will be provided with an age appropriate environment to meet all their learning and developmental needs.