If you are worried about the initial education of your child before he/she enters primary school; then Toddlers Ink is the best place where every toddler enjoys attending at this tender age. It is a high quality childcare Ashfield where children receive the best education. Thus, all the parents of this locality want to enrol their toddlers in our childcare program, due to the high-quality program developed and implemented by our educators.

Main reasons for enrolling children in Toddlers Ink

  • Homely environment –As every child feels safest at home, we aim to create a friendly atmosphere for all children at our childcare Ashfield. They receive utmost care and warmth of love from our teachers and non-teaching staff. It becomes easier for  all our children ages 0-5 years to adapt to our environment.
  • Best education programs –Since we are committed to the motto of providing the best education to these young children, Toddlers Ink is known for providing high-quality education programs for all children enrolled with us. We teach them the basic values of life, like empathy, respect, and acceptance. They also learn social skills in this childcare centre Ashfield so that they can easily cope up in all sorts of environments in their later life.
  • Qualified educators –We have highly experienced and educated teachers in Toddlers Ink, who can take great care of the education of your child. All our educators hold either a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood, a Certificate III or Diploma in Children’s Services. Thus, they are fully aware of how to handle the education and the emotional development of all children. They help to make your child feel important and appreciated. All parents of our  children are highly satisfied with the treatment rendered to their children in Toddlers Ink. Children do not take much time to settle in this childcare centre in Ashfield, due to the sincere efforts of our experienced staff.

All children love attending Toddlers Ink, which makes them slowly attentive to our program. They also like the meals served here, due to the great tastes of our home cooked meals. Children feel relaxed in this friendly environment of our childcare, which makes their parents stop worrying during this crucial development stages of their life. They know that their children are in safe and the best hands in at Toddlers Ink Ashfield.