When you are looking for a day-care centre in Croydon for your child, Toddlers Ink can help you solve this problem. We have lots of children enrolled in our childcare, all of whom receive the same care, love and education whilst in our care. Thus, many parents consider Toddlers Ink as a high quality childcare Croydon due to the excellent services given to their children.  We provide a warm space that every child loves as his/her second home, without missing the homely environment as much.

Basic features of services offered in Toddlers Ink 

  • We take care of the needs of every child attending our childcare Croydon, in a way their parents look after them at home.   We discover the hidden talents of our children and customize the education experiences according to their special abilities. Our trained educators study the interests of each child minutely and help them in growing their learning skills.
  • We keep in constant touch with the families of our children and develop a good relationship with the parents or guardians of each child. Thus, it becomes easier to develop individual learning courses for all children, with the active help of their families. In this way, parents also know about the things their kids are learning in our childcare centre Croydon. Our staff maintain pleasant relationships with parents of all children in our service.
  • Since the community has an effect in our service, we make sure to keep in touch with the local community regarding the education and growth of our children. We seek help from influential people of the community to educate our children.
  • Various interesting activities are taught in our childcare, we ensure we meet all developmental areas such as their cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, language, social/emotional skills and more. The children get the opportunity to develop their interests for specific activities and improve their skills to the best of their abilities.
  • Our high quality program aims at developing all developmental area. The rich interactions between our staff and children help the children grow into with unique person they are.
  • The children get the opportunity to have balanced learning. Whether it being though play or structured learning, this is done either outdoors or indoors.
  • When outdoors the children must wear hats and are provided with sunscreen to protect their tender ski. The educators ensue the children are only taken out when there is a low UV rate. They learn many new things whilst exploring outdoors. It exposes them to nature and more!

We have highly qualified teachers in this childcare centre in Croydon, who take utmost care of our children. The children’s development and wellbeing is their priority. The children become familiar to our environment before transitioning to primary schools, this ensures an easy and smooth transition. We maintain the standard of education set by the local Department of Education.