The importance of Emotional development:

Emotional development helps children to grow and understanding how they feel when going through many emotions. Self-esteem and self-identity is most important for a child’s emotional development. This will benefit a child when they are in a caring and nurturing environment to build their self-esteem and positive emotional wellbeing.

 Benefits of attending Toddlers Ink childcare:

  • Children benefit when engaging and interacting with the other children their age. While attending childcare Five Dock the children enjoy participating in provided experiences with other children. This gives them the opportunity to connect with their peers and establish a positive relationship. This allows the children to feel safe, confident and a sense of belonging when they establish these positive relationship with their peers. They connect and want participate in many experiences with each other whilst at Toddlers Ink Childcare. The children begin the develop socially when interacting with other children.
  • At Toddlers Ink we ensure the children are aware of the different cultures in the community so they can respect each child for who they are and where they come from. This is done through stories, celebrating cultural events, incorporating any special dress ups in dramatic play, songs and also through our menu planning.
  • We provide meals from breakfast through to late supper. All these foods are nutritional an meet healthy eating standards. We have experienced cooks who prepare all meals fresh everyday. Our cooks in this childcare centre Five Dock provide and prepare all meals by following all hygiene procedures and standards.
  • In our rooms we have ensured that we have designed and provided all age appropriate resources and furniture.
  • In our service we involve families whether it being parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, etc in our program. This helps the emotional developmental growth of our children and creates a beautiful bond with the educators, children and families.

All our educators carry or are working towards a qualification. More then 50% of the educators are qualified with an approved Early Childhood degree, whether it being a Cert III, diploma or Bachelor in Early Childhood. We ensure all educators in our childcare centre in Five Dock are experienced and have a great understanding of what is required when having the children in their care. Our lovely staff ensure they grow a connection with all children to make sure they belong and have a connection with each other when attending childcare.