It is said that the ages 0-5 years are the most vital years for a child’s development. Toddlers Ink has created an amazing balanced program which links to the Early Learning Framework..  We welcome all children of this age group to our childcare Summerhill, to provide them the best transition before transitioning to primary school. Thus, we are able to fulfil the expectations and goals of all parents who enrol their children in our childcare centre.

Effective outcomes of the learning program of Toddlers Ink  

Our program of Early Years Learning Framework is followed by our educators, who have specialised in early childhood education.  It is based on the principles of “Belonging, Being, and Becoming.”. We prepare and develop our program to ensure we meet developmental milestones for each child in our childcare Summerhill.

  • Our children develop a sense of identity, which allow them to build their self confidence. Our program is developed in a way to keep the children engaged, this is to meet multiple goals and one being able to get the children to increase their self confidence.
  • The educators educate the children to connect to the community and expose them to challenges that they might come across which will give them the opportunity to cope when put in these situations. Examples of this may be turn taking, being able to cope if things do not go their way, team playing, etc.
  • Our educators are not there to only supervise and provide activities for children but they are also there to interact with the children and develop a positive relationship for the wellbeing of the children and to have a sense of belonging when in our care.
  • When focusing on expression and language developments, the educators observe each child and ensure they improve their communication skills in our program in our childcare centre Summerhill. The educators find that some children express themselves non-verbally so they are encouraged to do so in a way they suits them whether it being through sign language, art, music, dance, etc. If these are the ways that help a child express their high emotions then the educators ensure that these are available to each child.

Toddlers Ink makes sure that all children receive the best quality education here, by honing their social, literary, artistic, and numerical skills. Our qualified educators have created our program that is fitted for every child growing in this childcare centre in Summerhill. Rest assured when thinking about the development of all the hidden abilities of your child in our childcare. If you would like to look into our program/philosophy feel free to have a look at our Toddlers Ink website.