I’ve had two boys go through different childcare centres and I have to say my experience with toddlers ink with my 3rd child is without a doubt far outweighs the rest. The carers are amazing and will always give you and your child the time of day. I’ve popped in at various times unannounced and the kids are always chirpy and so invested in their different activities. My son has a speech pathologist who comes in weekly and she’s even praised how wonderful the centre and carers are. The centre is small but with my little one it was exactly what I was after. I did not want a large modernised centre in which my child would get lost in or overwhelmed. When you enter, you can see and feel the love and learning that takes place. Does not feel artificial or fake. Every incident that happens is reported, even a little scratch on the knee. Knowing that my son wants to come to childcare and is happy is all I could ask for.