Being a parent, it is hard to find a trustworthy childcare for your child where they can keep their children safe whilst in care. Hence, Toddlers Ink was started 10 years ago to provide relief to all local parents. People find this childcare Burwood Heights perfectly suitable for their young ones before they start primary school.

Beneficial features available in Toddlers Ink for children 

  • The children are given the opportunity throughout the day to participate in our indoor and outdoor program at our childcare Burwood Heights. Our program is developed to help the children learn through play and structured learning.
  • We take our out older children in the childcare room for excursions occasionally to nearby places where they can enjoy themselves and connect with the local community. Parents or other family members are invited to join us on these excursions. In this way, we build up a cosier relationship with the parents or guardians of our children, who can help us in knowing their children better.
  • Our programs is developed to suit children of all ages. This is developed to ensure the are constantly stimulated and meet all developmental milestones/goals.
  • Our experienced cooks prepare all the dishes with fresh ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea in our childcare centre Burwood Heights. We follow recommended nutritional guidelines to meet dietary requirements for all ages. Our menu caters for all children and changes seasonally.
  • Children are observed and if any external therapy is needed the educators meet with the parents and ensure the children receive the extra support if needed. Such as speech therapy, vision, occupational therapy and more!
  • Before children transition to primary school the childcare educator ensures that the children are well prepared for their primary school meetings. Our educators also complete a transition to primary school report for their kindergarten teachers to ensure the children receive a smooth transition.

Parents can keep in constant touch with this childcare centre in Burwood Heights by downloading the app we use to stay in touch with the educators and view their child’s developmental records and observations. Parents can also receive updates about our childcare activities through newsletters sent via the app, containing photos and videos of children enjoying our care.