Our Mission
We work collaboratively with our local Elders and community members to assist us in our mission.

We aim to provide children with values such as acceptance, empathy and respect along with skills which help them reach their full potential, becoming positive and valuable members of our society. We aim to provide high-quality learning experiences and programs for children and their families following our commitment to child-centred education, the rights of the child and principles of social justice. We strive to provide a home-like, safe, caring, accepting, inclusive, supportive and stimulating environment for children’s needs, interests and learning.

Our service has an open-door policy. We encourage family involvement, feedback and participation and welcome you to come to visit us at any time.

Our Philosophy

At Toddlers Ink, we believe that the rights of a child are paramount. Our Educators, staff and families have devised a philosophy inclusive of the values and beliefs of offering an integrated service that includes care, education, health, safety, nutrition and wellbeing.

We provide a warm, safe, caring and stimulating environment that meets the holistic needs of every child. Through observation and interactions, we offer experiences that support every child’s development, unique interests and abilities, and create opportunities for them to be confident and involved learners.

Authentic and trusting relationships are key with our children, modelled through displaying appropriate interactions that inspire children to develop the necessary skills to build friendships with one another.


Our Centre has genuine regard for every child, their language, culture and achievements. Families are valued, and cultural diversity is celebrated and reflected in our programs, menus, and daily experiences.

Toddlers Ink Children’s Learning Centre encourages the integration of children with special needs and diverse backgrounds. Our centre is shared by educators, staff, children and families from various backgrounds; our experiences and discussion will always reflect our respect for ourselves and others.

The vital role of parents, guardians and their families as the first educators is respected and supported. Toddlers Ink Children’s Learning Centre encourages parents, guardians, and the wider community to be involved in the centre’s day-to-day operations in several ways, such as: Volunteering for special events/excursions; contributing as a member of the Parent Committee; being a part of our parent’s skills register or in other capacities; and sharing in their child’s experience at the centre.

Our service firmly believes that parents are the most critical and influential adults in a child’s life, and their values and beliefs are supported. Families and communities can help guide, support and prepare children to transfer their learning and successfully adapt to new settings. Through creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with open and transparent communication, our service unites, celebrates and recognises our varying cultures, values, diversity, and differences.

We recognise that our educators’ commitment, skills and energy are crucial elements of our centre. As educators, we aim to nurture respectful, trusting and friendly relationships with all children. We recognise educators’ input and provide opportunities for ongoing professional development. Their use of this information learned influences the experiences provided each day.

Working with the Community
At Toddlers Ink Children’s Learning centre, we are strengthening our partnerships and participation within the community and embracing our relationships with families. Each interaction counts towards forming meaningful and lasting experiences that treasure our children and build quality education and care. Educators seek to be a resource to parents, guardians, students, and Child Care Service providers within our wider community, thus enabling these individuals to form and share part of our program.

The Environment
We believe children are influenced by their environment; therefore, our curriculum takes inspiration from the outside world to strengthen connections, promote personal development and empower our children.

We are committed to providing an environment for children that encourages a sense of identity, wellbeing, confidence, connection, and opportunities to contribute to the world around them. At Toddlers Ink, we endeavour to meet the needs of children’s natural curiosity by providing opportunities for children to experiment, take simple risks, discover, solve problems, and find out about cause and effect for themselves and the world around them. Each child has guided opportunities to develop self-discipline, take responsibility and achieve independence.

At Toddlers Ink, educators and management ensure the environment is safe, clean and well-maintained to provide a pleasant learning environment while the children are at the centre. We continuously reflect on our practices to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment. We will implement sustainable practices, buy sustainable resources and continually interact with children about environmental responsibility. Educators, children and families are encouraged to become advocates for a sustainable future. Children gain the ability to construct knowledge, investigate values, and develop an appreciation of the domain.

Our service is dedicated to preserving and protecting our environment to encourage a sustainable future for our children and families, which requires participation from our families, children and educators.

Our service has an open-door policy. We encourage family involvement, feedback and participation and welcome you to come to visit us at any time.
We believe that a meaningful, integrated, emergent curriculum following the EYLF is beneficial to children’s learning across all domains. The curriculum encompasses children’s needs and interests at its core and the families, events and intentional experiences along-side these.

Programs promote equality, inclusion and diversity whilst fostering all aspects of every child’s development, physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Each child is unique and their interests are embraced by providing structured and unstructured play periods based on intentional teaching, interests, and valued parent input. Children enjoy opportunities to construct their learning and gain meaning from life experiences, enabling them to build dispositions for lifelong skills for success, including confidence, resilience and being resourceful learners. We understand that each child develops at their own pace, therefore experiences are devised for their individual age, ability, and interests. Our centre focuses on a play-based learning approach where children’s play is the focus of our planning.